Spring Offering: The Mini Cleanse

photo Claudia Fernandez-Borges

photo Claudia Fernandez-Borges

Spring is finally here! As the cold months shift into warmth my skin breaks out - sometimes mildly, others terribly - and three years ago I designed this cleanse for myself, to support my body in clearing out any winter debris by smoothing the digestive process. It had immediate results and I soon found myself sharing it with close friends, who have repeatedly asked I share it with the world.

A simple program created for ease use, it can be followed for 1 week as a quick reset, 2 weeks for a deeper cleanse, or 3 weeks for a full detox. This cleanse always helps me lose a few pounds of winter weight, in addition to giving me clear healthy and glowing skin.

This cleanse PDF manual includes:

Foods to include and avoid during to lose weight and clear the skin.

Detailed cleanse guidelines.

How to properly portion your ideal plate.

Simple and delicious recipe ideas for smoothies, salads, soups and even dessert!