Wellness Assessment

The first step

A 90min session to asses your overall wellness, lifestyle and dietary habits. You’ll walk away with simple yet effective dietary and self care tools and techniques put into practice, with the option to expand into one of my customized programs below.

“Honor Your Body” Fat Loss Program

In two short months - with a customized nutrition plan- you’ll release unwanted and unhealthy weight both physically and energetically

Are you feeling lethargic, unmotivated and holding weight around your belly and mid-section? Would you like to feel energized, vibrant and without the excess weight? In honoring the body we must listen to it, treating it with kindness and compassion in the ways we sleep, move and eat. More often than not we’re aware when not making the best choices for ourselves - it’s easier said than done to “do the right thing”. During this customized program I will guide you though an 8 live session program where you’ll reset your system, reduce inflammation, learn how to eat foods you love and satisfy you - while supporting you in achieving your best health yet. You’ll walk away refreshed, alert, and you WILL lose the excess weight.

This program includes:

  • An initial 90min consultation to analyze your health history, discover your dietary and lifestyle preferences and set your weight loss and wellness goals.

  • A follow up 60min consultation where you will receive your customized nutrition, movement and lifestyle guide with foods to add and omit, workout recommendations and self care techniques to support your program.

  • Six 30min follow up sessions scheduled weekly (if your schedule allows) to discuss triumphs, blocks and aha moments and reassess goals.

  • Instructions on how to continue your program once your package is done.

Lifestyle Mentorship

Upon completion of this six month program you’ll be fully reset and organized, with the tools you need for a healthy lifestyle.

This program is a complete lifestyle exploration. 12 continuing 60min sessions - scheduled every two weeks - designed to uncover the root causes for weight gain, stress, lack of energy and structure. You’ll leave each session with diet and lifestyle modifications, and groundbreaking information and tools to work with in between.

Together we’ll go deeper within each session, while I provide support and accountability for you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Corporate Wellness

Having worked within a corporate environment I understand the importance of showing up fully, to successfully deliver in a fast paced environment. As your Holistic Health Coach I’m here to support your team in achieving their health, wellness and positive mindset goals.

Available for recurring in-house coaching services in partnership with your HR team, or we can create custom packages for your team. By encouraging your co-workers to shift their mindset and include healthy habits in their day-to-day, you’ll greatly improve productivity and motivation in the workplace. 

Workshops and events are custom tailored to your business’ needs - together we’ll create programs that can immediately increase the wellbeing of your group. 


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