Personal Programs

As your Healthy Lifestyle Designer I can support you in living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled day to day. I create a personalized program designed for your schedule, preferences and needs. Whether it’s crafting a healthier plan for increased energy, skin concerns, weight loss or overall wellbeing- you’ll walk away feeling refreshed, focused and balanced.

Sessions available in person in New York City, or via phone or video chat worldwide.

Wellness Assessment

A 90min session to look at your overall wellness, lifestyle and dietary habits - and set simple yet effective shifts to improve them.

Lifestyle Mentorship

Continuing 60min sessions, scheduled every two weeks. Designed for those wanting to uncover what’s causing the discomforts of weight gain, stress, lack of energy, and /or physical pain. You’ll walk away from each conversation with new information and tools to work with. Together we’ll go deeper within each session, while I provide support and accountability for you to achieve your wellness goals.

Corporate Wellness

Having worked in a corporate environment for most of my adult life, I understand the importance of showing up fully, in order to successfully deliver in a fast paced environment. As your Holistic Health Coach I’m here to support your team in achieving their health, wellness and positive mindset goals.

 I am available for recurring in-house coaching services in partnership with your HR team. By encouraging your co-workers to shift their mindset and include healthy habits in their day-to-day, you’ll greatly improve productivity and motivation in the workplace. 

Workshops and events are custom tailored to your business’ needs - together we’ll create programs that can immediately increase the wellbeing of your group. 


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