Mini Cleanse


Mini Cleanse


A very simple program you could follow for 1 week as a quick reset, 2 weeks for a deeper cleanse or 3 weeks for a full detox. This cleanse promotes weight loss and healthy glowing skin.

This Mini Cleanse includes:

  • Detailed cleanse guidelines.

  • Email support with Paola.

  • Foods to include and avoid during the program.

  • How to proceed once you’ve completed the cleanse.

  • Simple and delicious smoothies, salads, soups and warm dish recipes.

* Please consult your doctors before embarking on a cleanse.

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The MINI CLEANSE is a journey to radiance. After years of following restrictive detoxes I wanted something simple and sustainable, which I could follow in my busy day-to-day life as a working mom. This is a simple program to help you establish a healthy routine, and if followed correclty may improve digestion, increase mental clarity and help you achieve restful sleep.