EP14: "Reclaiming your Time" Natalie Kuhn

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Natalie Kuhn is a spark of light. As the Executive Vice President and Founding Teacher of The Class by Taryn Toomey, a new movement of spiritual fitness which uses physical conditioning to expand self awareness.

Natalie's background includes a BFA in performance from NYU with years of multi-disciplinary movement training including Suzuki, Viewpoints, Grotowski and Committed Impulse. Her Classes are athletic, vigorous, empowering, and suffused with her natural effervescence. She brings her students face-to-face with their own personal challenges; together, they sweat, they dig deep, and they come out energized — discovering how strong they are, mentally and physically.

During this intimate conversation we discuss ‘stopping’ as a key to self-care, how a good playlist is a wellness tool, and the importance of shifting to a state of conscious awareness in order to return to oneself. This was truly a treat, I love you Natalie!

You can find Natalie on Instagram @ThisIsNatalie , and on The Class’ website at TarynTommey.com to see her class schedule and incredible upcoming retreats.


Natalie what are your “keep my sanity” essentials?

I have developed a ritual for myself that transitions me out of work and into my personal space - both physically and otherwise. When I leave the office, I use the subway ride to finish up any last text, Slack, or email. Once I'm off the subway, I put my earbuds on, turn on a playlist that is specifically created to welcoming in a softer, more receptive me into being, and when I step into my apartment, I switch the music to the apartment speakers. I light a trillion candles, take a shower, and somewhere between the playlist, the candles, and the shower, I'm back in my feminine, receptive, soft, soothed self. 

What’s your favorite workout or form of movement?

Well, I suppose it's no surprise that The Class by Taryn Toomey is my favorite. I live it and breathe it. It is my vocation. 

What is your non-negotiable self care routine or tool?

Time in the calendar with my best girlfriends. We don't let our dinner or coffee date end without having the next one on the books. 

What’s the best beauty/health/wellness advice a parent or family member has given you? 

"Do what you need to do to feel prepared for what you're heading off into. Spend whatever time in the mirror as you see fit. But after you leave the house, be with the people you are with, stand in the place that you are, and don't give the mirror another glance." - My grandmama