EP 2: "My Story" Paola Atlason

Photo Shikha

Photo Shikha

Hello friends,

I'm happy to announce that we have a PODCAST! WooHoo!!!

The Live Journal

Since starting my wellness practice I am very clear on my intention: I want to share all I know about health, wellness, self-care and clean beauty with you, in hopes to help you understand that taking time for yourself is:

A) Simple

B) It doesn't cost a lot of money (if any at all) and...

C) It doesn't take up your whole day

I wasn't sure of HOW I would get the message across, but I knew I HAD to. My hopes were to be interviewed by a wellness blog or podcast, so that I could reach larger groups at a time, but that wasn't happening. So in good ol' Paola fashion I created the platforms myself :) If you know me personally you know I dive in, I don't sit on an idea for too long without acting on it - I worry it will leave me if I do so. So here we are.

In this episode I get to share my story. My dear friend and podcast collaborator Arden Martin turned the tables on me, and asked a few questions. You'll listen to juicy details on how I've ended up here, and what turns me on these days (it's not exactly sexy, but it is to me lol). I am honored and beyond happy to share this adventure with Arden, and if you haven't already, please listen to our very first interview where we learn about her personal journey.

In coming weeks we will be sharing interviews with self-care experts from around the world, they will tell us their personal stories and share practical advice. Please make sure to visit us (and leave a comment if you would) in Itunes Podcasts at: The Live Journal.

You can also email us health / wellness / clean beauty / self care questions - or topics you would like to learn about at:

We're here for you, with so much love.