Feature: "Expert In Many Things" Nancy Valdes


Ok I must admit I gave Nancy that strange title, the reason being I really do believe she knows everything!

Let me introduce her properly: Today on The Live Journal Podcast, meet Nancy Valdes CCT, holistic wellness expert, owner and founder of True Being LLC. This woman is an encyclopedia. I've known Nacim for about a decade and I can't tell you how many times I've raised a question that she didn't have the simplest natural solution for:

Me: Nacim I'm getting a weird rash...

Her: Have you tried coconut oil?

Me: My mojo is off...

Her: Have you tried Maca?

And so it goes... 

If you've been following along you've previously met her here on the blog. She is also a collaborator, having shared instructions on how to properly Dry Brush your skin. Today she shares her journey, demystifies taboos around colonics, and tells us how listening to her body changed her life.

If you're looking for the best, most gentle and incredibly cleansing Colon Hydrotherapy, or if you want to try the famous bio mat (she has one!), please email Nancy: 


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