EP 6: "Shedding light on the Shadows" Amina AlTai

Meet my dear friend Amina AlTai, 33 years young in this lifetime, with an ancient and wise soul. Our paths crossed again following a brief disconnect, and I'm ecstatic I get to see her lovely visage regularly during our coaching sessions (Amina is MY wellness and business coach... yes.. wellness coaches get coached too :)

Please read below for our .LIVE Journal Q+A, and listen in as we discuss shedding light on your shadows, how what you hide owns you, and the direct link between nutrition and career performance.

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Hi Amina! How would you define your occupation? Nourishment Expert, Healthy Business Coach.

What's your nationality / background? Half Welsh, Half Iraqi.

What were you favorite and least favorite foods mom cooked for you as a child? Favorite: Bamya... It's an Arab dish made with okra and lamb in a tomato sauce.  That was my jam! Least favorite food: Anything with raisins.  Why not just eat grapes?!  I seriously didn't get them and used to tell my mom they "gave me a headache" so she wouldn't make me eat them.  

What is your favorite healthy home-made recipe? I eat pretty simply at home and I'm a creature of habit so I like to make things I can eat for a few days at a time.  This time of year I like lots of soups and broths so I'm really into Red Lentil Bolognese.  It's gluten free, vegan and super delish (in my humble opinion)


1 cup red lentils

4 ripe tomatoes, chopped

2 cloves of garlic

1/2 onion, chopped

1 carrot, shredded

4 celery stalks, diced

1 cup veggie broth

4 tbs sundried tomato powder (or tomato paste)

1 tbs oregano

1 tsp fennel seeds

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp chipotle powder

Salt & pepper to taste


Sauté onions, garlic, celery, carrots and tomatoes in 1 tbsp of olive oil over medium heat until tender, about 5-10 minutes.

Add veggie broth to pan along with lentils and remaining spices. Continue to cook over medium heat until lentils are soft, about 30-45 minutes.

You may serve this dish over spaghetti squash, quinoa, brown rice or on its own.

Whatever pulls you is pulling you for a good reason, so it’s worth examining.

What are your "keep my sanity"’ essentials? I have at least 4 baths a week—they are so key to my sanity!  I'm also a Vedic meditator which really really helps in this busy city.  Also, working out 4-5 times a week is my sweet spot and those are major stress busters for me!  

What was your favorite bonding activity you did with your mom as a child? We used to go on Sunday family hikes and those were always the best. I loved being out in nature with my parents and just running free.  Great times.  

What has been the best beauty / health / wellness advice your mother has given you? Always wear sunscreen!  I have much more melanin than my Welsh mom—but I'm not immune to sun damage.  So, protecting my skin with hats, good quality sunscreen and a great skin care routine are clutch.  

What beauty / health / wellness advice will you pass on to your kids? If I have children, I would love for them to feel the same way about veggies that I do. But, I'd settle for them avoiding sugar.  From wreaking havoc on skin, to brain health to type 2 diabetes, sugar really is the route of all evil. (Well, maybe not all, but a lot!)

What is your go to / favorite workout? I'm super in HIIT but balanced out with yoga and spin.  I love Switch Playground NYC and Modo for hot yoga. The.  Best.  

What is your non-negotiable self care routine or tool? Sleep is everything to me.  With two autoimmune diseases I try hard not to mess with it.   It's so key not only for a well-functioning brain but in my case it really impacts my digestion.  

One beauty tool I'm obsessed with right now is my jade gua sha tool.  It's amazing for depuffing, but allows for healthy lymphatic drainage in my face.  I have Hashimotos thyroiditis and one of the side effects is swelling in my face.  This tool works such a treat on that puffiness. Its a game-changer.  

Additional advice you'd like to share? My big juicy life goal is to bring nourishment, joy and abundance to women in business.  We spend more time at work than anywhere else, why can't we feel our best in it?  And I firmly believe that healthy founders and leaders  are tied to healthy bottom line.  If you're interested in checking out my Entrepreneurial-nourished Coaching Program you can learn more here.

For more information on Amina's wonderful programs please visit AminaAlTai.com

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