Feature: "From The Heart" Chelsea Burrell

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Chelsea is a ray of sunshine, she's magnetic! A fellow Health Coach, she's also Mom to adorable baby Berkeley and a Personal Trainer - having successfully shed 100lb herself.

This week on The Live Journal, Chelsea shares her story, including how she jumpstarted her career with the "fake it 'til you make it" approach, and why nourishing your body (your temple) is the most benevolent act of self-care.

Please enjoy our interview and read more fun facts about Chelsea below.

What's your nationality / background? Multicultural ( German, Black, and Native American)

What were you favorite and least favorite foods mom cooked for you as a child? My favorite food was my mom's chicken cordon bleu, but I loved all of my mom's food. She's a great cook.

What is your favorite healthy home-made recipe? Roasted root vegetables with garlic tahini drizzle and roasted pine nuts and cilantro.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Everything and everyone in our life will be better if you put your self-care first.

What are your "keep my sanity"’ essentials? A manicure/pedicure.

What was your favorite bonding activity you did with your mom as a child? Shopping! We would shop until we dropped, and to this day we shop whenever we get together.

What has been the best beauty / health / wellness advice your mother has given you? She would always tell me, "Wash your face at night. It'll help keep you looking young." LOL!

What beauty / health / wellness advice will you pass on to your kids? Nourish your temple from the inside out.

What is your go to / favorite workout? Pilates or Row House - I like to alternate between the two and then throw in spinning and barre.

What is your non-negotiable self care routine or tool? Meal prep. Having lost 100lbs, I have to stay in a routine. Doing meal prep every week keeps my lunch simple, fast and healthy. 

Additional advice you'd like to share? No matter how hectic your life is with work, family, and other obligations, make sure to put yourself first. You can't pour from an empty cup. Everything and everyone in our life will be better for it if you put your self-care first.

Chelsea will be hosting an event with Athleta Flatiron on Dec. 9th 2017 "Fueling Phases: Tips for a great workout, a calming yoga practice and healthy food ideas to fuel your sexy." Come join her for a wellness night out!

You can also reach out to by visiting her website www.leahb.nyc or social media @leahbhealthy