EP 11: "Be Who You Be" Amina AlTai


Amina is a dear friend and mentor. Compassionate, sweet and wise she has the power of bringing to life any undertaking. On a mission to radically transform how we think about our work, Amina is in service as a business coach, speaker and wellness expert. She is the first social entrepreneur to successfully create a methodology which simultaneously supports the health of a business and its people.

A decade in marketing and brand management and a fast-paced career led Amina to two autoimmune diseases and complete burnout.  In hopes of healing her own life, she sought out training in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness and succeeded in regaining her health. This fueled her goal to teach others how to balance a thriving career with a healthy body and mind.  

If you want to learn more about Amina and her coaching practice please visit her website aminaaltai.com or follow her on instagram @aminaaltai

Amina’s Favorites:

Lovely Amina what are your "keep my sanity"’ essentials?

My sanity essentials vary depending on how much time I have. But on a good day,  I wake up early and meditate for 20-minutes (I’m a vedic meditator and have been trained with a specific vedic mantra).  I follow that up with a kundalini practice. After meditation, I move my body (usually a mix of yoga, pilates, HIIT and spin).  I find healthy movement to be so instrumental for me in processing emotion. I meditate again at 4pm for another 20 minutes.  I usually end the day with a candle and quiet with an early bedtime to boot. Honestly, nothing says self care and sanity to me like going to bed at 9:30pm :)

On a crazy day it looks like a whole lot less.  Meditation is my non-negotiable so I always start my day with 20 minutes and do my second sitting in the afternoon—sometimes later than I'd like. And on these more condensed days, I will take 5-minutes and do something that brings me joy.  Even if it’s just reading a magazine, coloring or watching Friends, I have to have that in there to stay sane. 

What’s your favorite workout?

Ahh, so many.  I love me some high intensity (for my high intensity Scorpio personality) and I used to be a spin teacher. My workouts are a mix of HIIT, spin, hot yoga and pilates.  

What is your non-negotiable self care routine or tool? 

Meditation.  That is the one thing I cannot do without.  Take away all my powders, adaptogens and practices, but me and meditation are for life.  

What is the best beauty / health / wellness advise a parent or family member has given you?

I was born with a lot of fire and energy and I have a tendency to push myself really hard. My mom is super chill and used to tell me ALL THE TIME in high school that I should take "mental health days."  I used to roll my eyes and be so annoyed at the suggestion of missing school (I was such a goodie goodie) but nowadays, I take them regularly.  We need them.  We need the opportunity to pause, recharge and reevaluate.  Nothing can come through when we are heads down and pushing all the time.