EP26: "Overriding the Burn" Charanpal Kaur


An uplifting, revealing and somewhat raw conversation with the incredibly radiant Charanpal Kaur - Kundalini yoga teacher and renown chant artist. She shares with us how Kundalini found her, the beauty, power and immediate effect of the practice, and how music and mantra are a universal healing light.

It was a dream speaking with Naomi. I’ve been a fan of her music for quite some time (Sat Siri Siri Akal is my favorite mantra song), so learning that we had a similar “wild” youth and are now reformed souls confirms there’s a deep common thread between us all. We also go deep in discussing the connection between human and planetary prana and all that good stuff - but you have to listen in for those good bits ;)

Naomi’s voice is incredibly powerful, so much so you can feel it’s vibration in this audio. With three mantra albums to date, her last two releases, Jala (2017), and Aeons (2015), made it to #3 and #4 on the iTunes music charts. Charanpal is also a featured teacher for two international online yoga communities; Kundalini Lounge (London, UK) and Kundalini Live (Monterrey, CA). Yogis around the globe practice with Charanpal via her viral Youtube classes, such as The Keep Up Spirit.  

Stay tuned after the interview, where I dive deeper into the subject of “Ritual vs Attachment”, and guide you in turning the attention inward to support you in uncovering emotional ties. Please continue sending your questions to paola@paolaatlason.live - the conversation keeps getting deeper with your participation!


"keep my sanity"’ essentials:

Nature time, stretching my body, and getting plenty of sleep!

Favorite workout

I love hiking in the woods here in Santa Cruz. The mixture of prana and cardio is invigorating. If you don't live in the woods, just get outdoors and get your heart pumping. It's so enlivening.

Non-negotiable self care routine or tool?

Exfoliating my face followed by rosehip night cream. Also, some sort of spinal flexation on the daily. Cat / Cow, or a Kundalini spinal flex work great and they are a non-negotiable part of my day so that I feel I am awake and ready for anything.

Best beauty / health / wellness advise your mom has given you?

Oh goodness. Hmmm, I was going to say retail therapy! My mom taught me how to hunt for a good deal. Haha! But, more accurately, my mom instilled in me the value of having a clean and organized house. She taught me that clutter is nauseating and that going to sleep with a messy home is less than ideal. I'm nowhere near as regimented as she is, but I do resonate with the fact that self-care includes caring for our immediate environments.

You can find Charanpal on her website charanpalmusic.com and on Instagram @akalstars