EP27: “It Takes a Village” Dale Moore


Dale Moore is an Earth Advocate. She Mothers Herbal and Fungal Allies from Seed to Medicine in her near Zero-waste Home in Brooklyn. We met earlier this year and immediately connected, when a simple hello turned into an incredibly deep and spiritual conversation.

She grows her own Food in her backyard and the front of her apartment hosts a studio where she channels Animals, Spirit, Poetry and Energy. Dale calls upon Elemental, Galactic and ReikiEnergies to inspire Balance, Growth and Peace as she facilitates reconnection to Power, to Earth; to Self.  

During this conversation we discuss the importance of daily homework as a form of reflection, her mission to get us all to incorporate healing into our everyday lives, and how moon rituals and simple rest keep her afloat.

PS: Did you know New Hartford Connecticut  is considered a portal?


Because the airdate is 5 days before a New Moon I want to recommend an introspective blend of Herbs to foster diving deep within ones self to embrace our Shadow work. The Full Moon is about interpersonal relationships and the New Moon is about reflection to plant a Seed that will grow with the pull of the Moon as it waxes Full. 

Cacao Lun

Ingredients: Cacao, Mugwort, Fennel, Licorice

Best enjoyed after Lunch!

Cacao is Heart Medicine - my favorite Brand to use is Cacao Lab - a Brother and SIster who serve as a true voice for the People and Land the Medicine comes from. 

Cacao is the base, to be finely chopped and blent with the following Herbal Tea base:

Steap Mugwort and Licorice in simmering Water for a minimum of 20 minutes in portions 2:1

Add a pinch of Cayenne (to your heat discretion!)

Mugwort (which I forage locally) promotes dreaming, activity of the Penial Gland and is also known to reduce anxiety and depression. 

Licorice is a sweetener but also a Powerful Demulcent Herb. 

And the Activator is Cayenne, which we use to pull the Energy down from the Universe and circulating it around the Body to support deep introspection in this lower Chakra work. 

You can find Dale on Instagram @hotdiggitydale