EP31: "Daily Rituals" Jenn Tardif

Photo Ryan Jenq

Photo Ryan Jenq

Jenn Tardif is magical. Upon meeting her she seems ethereal, and once in her presence you realize she’s incredibly grounded. As the founder of 3rd Ritual she creates objects to support meditative practices, which are beautifully designed and pleasant to the senses. She left a career in tech to apply her talent for building successful products to the sacred teachings she’d long been immersed in.

During this conversation Jenn shares how the need for structure as a child led her to seek refuge in these practices. We discuss the importance of ritual in every day life - from it’s simplest form to it’s more complex variations, and the joy of passing these traditions on to our children. Tardif is a teacher at Sky Ting Yoga who leads global retreats and trainings, and a certified aromatherapist who began creating custom blends for her students as a way to inspire self-care. Tardif launched 3rd Ritual while pregnant with her first child and has been on a steadfast mission to share the tools and techniques that support mental well-being ever since. 

But what is a “ritual”?  Simply put it’s anything done with beauty and intention. This week I encourage you to create a ritual for yourself. Choose an activity you “have” to do on a daily basis - this could be your shower, your lunch time, or even bedtime - and see how you can beautify it, and allow yourself to be mindfully present and uplifted while performing it. I’d love to know how it goes, please leave a comment and share!


A favorite ritual she’d like to share with the audience: Trataka

Her non-negotiable self care ritual or routine: “As an antidote to anxiety I place great emphasis on putting myself to bed. This involves a series of small acts like lowering the lights, massaging MOON into my hands and feet, reading or journaling in bed, and giving thanks while breathing deep.”

You can learn more about Jenn and 3rd Ritual on their website or Instagram @3rdRitual and @Jenn_Tardif