EP30: "Live Your Truth" Christina Caruso

Christina Caruso.jpg

Christina Caruso is the Jerry to my Bianca . A true friend I made in adulthood, getting to know each other as we sat at arms length - face to face - at work for over a year. This happened what feels like a lifetime ago, and as our friendship continues to blossom I cannot help but admire her even more. Christina is a mother, a loyal sister, a wife and daughter - and in her work life a fashion Creative Director, and the co-founder of AWE NYC an initiative that brings women together with the purpose of connection.

During this chat we discuss motherhood and it’s joys and stresses, how women are made to believe we have to choose ONE path in life and stick with it (ummm no), and how transitioning from career to home life and back to the work force can be a bumpy yet refreshing and rewarding road. You can learn more about Christina on her website www.christinacaruso.com or Instagram @christinacarusostyle

I hope this conversation inspires you to reflect on how your life is evolving at this moment. Do you feel as though YOU are in charge of it, or is it dragging you around? Would you take a moment of your busy day to journal your concerns and outline the thoughts surrounding them - so you that you can truly choose which are valid,  and which to discard?


  1. Take a few minutes to sit in silence and breath. In your mind raise the statement “I am concerned with… “ and write down what comes to the surface in your journal or piece of paper.

  2. Once you’ve written this statement, list all other thoughts that come to mind in it’s relation, in the following format “I worry that…..”.

  3. Once you’ve listed all of these thoughts label them as either a TRUTH (a true fact), an ATTACKING THOUGHT ON YOURSELF (negative beliefs or mean words you use to refer to yourself) or a LIMITING BELIEF (something you believe to be true even though you know it’s not).

  4. Once you’ve labeled each one, contemplate which proactive action steps need to be taken to resolve your TRUTHS, turn the conversation around on your ATTACKING THOUGHTS by writing true and valid positive statements that prove them wrong, and go deeper in analyzing where your LIMITING BELIEFS stem from (either in childhood or other times of your life where these were settled in you) and begin to break them apart.

  5. If you need support with this exercise please reach out, you can always schedule a free 15min phone consultation and I will gladly walk you through.

*adapted from “A Course in Miracles”