EP29: "Big Magic" Amber Berger

Amber Berger.jpg

After suffering from Crohn’s Disease as a child, Amber set out to empower her kids from young age to take charge of their health in order to feel their best. As a mother of 2, Salthaus was born due to a lack of places to engage in wellness together with her family. Amber discovered Halotherapy and wanted to share her mission ‘wellness together’ with the world by redefining wellness, making it social, fun and available to all ages.

During our conversation we discuss how when looking for a creative outlet she found her idea, and it was as if striking a water pipe with a pick - it never stopped flowing. We also talk about the importance if believing and following signs and omens when they present themselves to us, and how we should all (parents and non parents alike) include children in the wellness conversation and teach them how to create healthy rituals starting at a young age.

This conversation inspired me to seek more creativity in my personal life, it doesn’t only belong to to artist or people in creative arenas - you can be creative in simply planning your day. For me this translates into being more creative in how I spend time with friends, participating in new activities which do not involve drinking - Salthaus anyone?

You can learn more about Salthaus and book appointments on their website, and on instagram @salthausNY