the invincible hall

Workshops: May 2019

Aquarian Serums Rituals for Inner and Outer Beauty @ The Invincible Hall

Saturday May 4th



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Join Paramatma Siri Sadhana and Paola Atlason for a beautiful afternoon of kundalini yoga practice and intentional beauty ritual. We will practice Kriyas, Meditations, Breathwork and Soundcurrents to open the Inner Beauty Serums. With the use of crystal, sound and essential oil plant medicines, we will then bring conscious awareness to the Temple Body, sharing the Ancient Outer Beauty Art of Oiling the Skin. You will leave feeling radiant, vibrant and refreshed with a new understanding of the synthesis of inner and outer beauty serums as well as new effective beauty rituals to practice at home.

Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine: Self-Care Rituals to Embody Your Higher Self @ Maha Rose

Saturday May 11th



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Do you feel small or triggered in your work or personal relationships? Would you like to show up fully in your day to day life? Join me in this interactive workshop, during which we’ll identify our Divine vs. Shadow Feminine energies. With the support of essential oils you’ll learn simple rituals to help you shift towards your higher self. You’ll walk away feeling empowered, refreshed and ready to take the day.

Breath, Mind, Skin @ The Spring Meditation

Saturday May 18th



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Learn how to use essential oils as positive triggers to encourage the breath, reprogram thoughts, and soothe the skin. Participants will take home a sample of Touch, Paola's signature balancing oil.

Group meditation is included - no meditation experience necessary. 

This is a space for people to learn, connect, and grow. Join us!