EP 3: "Glowing Skin" with Arden and Paola

Hello friends!

As my next "Glowing Skin Cleanse" session fast approaches (2 1/2 weeks guys!) I sit with Arden to explain the benefits of cleansing, why Fall is the best season to do so, and how this particular program can benefit if you're looking for a gentle yet thorough approach.

A few highlights:

* Fall is a transitional season, taking us from the heat and energy of the Summer, into the cold and slow Winter months. It's good to get rid of the sludge we have accumulated (and all those glasses of Rose) before we feel like hibernating - and let that stuff literally stick to our system.

* My program is a step by step guide, gentle yet deep. I give you the tools and set up for a long term beauty and wellness routine. Best of all I will be your partner, going through the process with you.

* You can lead your day to day during the program. No need to seclude yourself for the three weeks, this works around busy schedules. I will give you ways to create moments throughout the day, to take time for yourself without feeling selfish or guilty.

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and as always, if you have any questions about the cleanse or any please email me, I am here for you, any time.


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