EP 8: "Change and Wonderment" Elizabeth Traina

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And we’re back! welcome to Season 2 of The .Live Journal podcast.

For our first episode I had the pleasure of sitting with Elizabeth Traina: artist, light worker and spiritual mama. She’s been instrumental in my personal growth and while in session has helped me shed limiting beliefs - on the spot. Elizabeth works with individuals, groups, and spaces offering her gifts, motivated by guiding principles that enable consciousness awakening and sovereign activation.

During the past fifteen years, she has worked closely with master healers to become a certified Reiki Healer and Hypnotherapist trained with Paul Aurand Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. Currently, Elizabeth resides in Brooklyn, NY where she holds a private healing practice and in addition Elizabeth has an active studio Art practice where she explores themes relative to personal and collective awakening. Her paintings, murals and multimedia installations serve as instruments for discovery and renewal.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to her magic and her voice. Please listen in as we discuss her path to high-priestess-hood, and how she considers change and wonderment as lifesaving self-care habits.

Elizabeth’s favorites:

  1. What are your "keep my sanity"’ essentials? I take a salt bath every evening to wash off the day and sooth the body. Celery juice in the morning to cleanse and smooth me out. And daily movement - dance, yoga or a long walk. 

  2. What’s your favorite workout or type of movement? Hot yoga, dance class and a night out dancing.

  3. What’s s your non-negotiable self-care routine or tool? Community - Sharing my life with my friends and loved ones is essential to keep me grounded and connected. Creative expression - intimate quality time with myself to nurture my art practice and exploration of my unique gifts and talents.

  4. What’s the best beauty / health / wellness advise from your parents or family? From my mother happiness and hosting. My Mom knows how to host a party, prepare a spread and share her home with loved ones. This is when my mom shines. We look and feel great when we entertain and offer our gifts to others. And my mom always sleeps in something beautiful, she knows how to enjoy her femininity. There is a lot to learn from her!

To learn more please visit her website www.elizabethtraina.com , or Instagram @eliztraina

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