EP 9: "You are not your feelings" Arden Martin


Arden Martin is a special soul. Shortly after meeting at mediation class we clicked, and became the sort of friends that don’t remember exactly how they became friends, but whose bond feels true and old.

For the past two years we’ve seen each other expand and fully embrace the roles we were chosen to serve, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Now a mother to baby Jesse, she’s on a mission to make meditation accessible to all. As a teacher and co-founder of The Spring Meditation, Arden is also a Beautycounter consultant and an advocate for personal care safety.

In this episode we discuss the gradual benefits of meditation, how practicing stabilizes your nervous system, how it supports you in experiencing more confidence and self-love, and the simplicity and ease of Vedic Meditation in particular. You can find Arden at TheSpringMeditation.com and on Instagram @ardenmartin.

Arden’s Favorites:

  1. Arden what are your "keep my sanity"’ essentials? Vedic Meditation, dark chocolate, healthy fats, and high-quality skincare. Now that I’m a mama, showering and washing my face have become a sacred acts of self-care.

  2. What’s your favorite workout? Dancing at weddings with my husband. He’s got moves!

  3. What is your non-negotiable self care routine or tool? Vedic Meditation before starting my day. I also do some sort of facial massage or Gua Sha every morning because it makes me feel like a queen.

  4. And what’s the best beauty / health / wellness advise a parent or family member has given you? Growing up, my parents always encouraged me to stop everything and rest when I’m sick rather than push through. I still do this unapologetically as an adult!

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