EP20: "Honoring The Inner Child " Liza Fenster


Welcome to one of the most heart felt, humbling, vulnerable and powerful conversation we’ve had on The Live Journal Podcast, as Liza Fenster - a woman whom I adore and admire - shares her life experiences, and how the hardships faced during childhood and teenage hood shaped the healing conduit she is today.

Liza is a NY based Reiki Master Teacher and Tarot reader that works under the moniker of Crow Mother. She offers a combined 20 years of study and experience in service to a local and global community, and it is her highest honor to do so.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Liza this past year, and did Reiki I training with her guidance. Listen in, get inspired, feel the love, and If you’d like to know more about her services you please go to thecrowmother.com , or @crow..mother on Instagram.


My “keep my sanity” essentials are pretty simple but I cherish them so much! I love to get a few minutes of alone time in the morning when I walk our dog to get coffee while my husband gets our son up and sorted. I have a daily mantra meditation practice that has become meaningful and grounding, and I also reaaallllyyyy love to go to Great Jones Spa for a soak and a facial every month or two. 

My non negotiable self care tool is the very necessary act of literally unplugging for a bit a bit at the end of the day. It absolutely “saves me” to be in a quiet house with no noise, no tv or phone, low lights and little to no talking. It’s not all evening, but there is usually at least an hour or so when I make this possible. 

My favorite form of movement is yoga, specifically the Katonah practice. I’m a Vata dosha, so it’s not advisable for me to do lots of high impact activity (I *am* a high impact activity) and this study of yoga helps my body stretch and strengthen, while also cooling my mind. 

The best advice I think I’ve gotten from someone is from a mentor I had a long time ago. She often reminded me to just “be where my feet are” and that “what was for me, would always be for me” and when I can really practice that, so much energy is freed up to just BE, instead of worrying what else I should be doing or worrying about what other people are doing. It reminds to stay in my lane. And when I do that, beautiful things happen. 

In Light,

Liza Fenster