EP21: "Daily Rituals" Claudia Saez-Fromm

Claudia Saez fromm.jpg

Claudia is a power house of a woman. In the 10+ years i’ve know her she’s consistently had a contagious and vibrant energy you can’t help but want to be a part of. She’s a mother of two, a wife, a NYC real estate agent and fully understands the value of finding time to honor herself.

Listen in to know how this New York mom gets organized to manage it all, and how she teaches her children by living her truth in the healthiest and most beautiful way.

* Full disclaimer… you’ll feel as if your’re in the room with us. Claudia is a woman on the go and she was getting her coffee ready before she hit the road as we spoke - you’ll get to experience it all ;)

To learn more about Claudia find her on instagram @claudiasaezfromm and to sign up to her New York City loving newsletter please visit her website.


What are your "keep my sanity"’ essentials? My inward book by Yung Pueblo and sauna evenings…

What’s your Favorite workout or form of movement? Tracy Anderson and Lyons Den yoga… Daily ritual.

What is your non-negotiable self care ritual or tool? Tracy Anderson every day, 5-10 minutes mediation, and my moonstruck blue cream to keep my face hydrated.


What is the best beauty / health / wellness advise a parent or loved one has ever given you?You are how you move…. Tracy Anderson. 


A simple beauty ritual / recipe / tonic you’d like to share with listeners… I finally lost weight with no Alcohol, protein and greens diet.  Keep it simple and not complicated.  Lemon Water daily….  A must.