EP22: "A Refined Foundation" Kymberly Kelly


Kymberly Kelly M.S., L.Ac. is an acupuncturist and herbalist practicing in New York City for the past 15 years.

She specializes in women’s health and fertility, and also sees general conditions such as anxiety, digestive problems, pain, headaches, allergies, insomnia and immune issues.

I met Kymberly 8 or 9 years ago, as I was seeking support in staying pregnant... Following a series of miscarriages I took a multi-prong approach and integrated Eastern and Western medicine into my protocol, she was a key player in my wellness tribe. Kymberly is the sweet and warm, and I swear she has magic hands!

After finishing college and living in South America for a few years, she returned to the States to study Chinese Medicine, and completed her studies in California before moving to New York and starting her practice.

When she’s not working in the clinic, you can find her in the mountains doing some trail riding or sitting under a shady tree, pretending to read a book.

For appointments and please visit her website renwellness.com, and for great seasonal practical advice please visit Kymberly’s blog.


Keep my sanity essentials: English Breakfast Tea, Comfy Pajamas, InstaPups Videos, Comedy podcasts or watching standup comedy. These things either are comforting or make me laugh!

Favorite workout is definitely trail riding on my bike! But when I can’t get out of the city, I go to the pilates studio in my neighborhood for reformer classes.

Non-negotiable self care ritual is Acupuncture of course! I do body treatments to keep myself healthy and Cosmetic acupuncture to keep my skin looking good! I also make sleep a priority.   (It’s almost a joke with people who know me!) You can fall into a rut of skimping on an hour here or there when things get busy, but I really make time for it and put it into my schedule like any thing else.   I find that if I get enough sleep and get regular acupuncture tune-ups, my body runs well, I almost never get sick, and feel good overall.

Family advice… My parents have always taken very good care of themselves. Before it was trendy, my mother was very aware of the importance of healthy food and both of my parents have exercised regularly their whole lives- and it shows! They are in such great health! They have plenty of energy to do the things they want, they aren’t on any medications and are generally vibrant, happy people. It’s something to aspire to!