EP 4: “Redefining Yoga + Motherhood” Jessica Mougis

Jessica Mougis is honest, wise, and all-around lovely. It was an absolute pleasure to interview her for the Live Journal Podcast! Jessica is a seasoned yoga instructor who currently works with young children and families. She recently founded Jem Yoga NYC and teaches throughout Manhattan while raising her adorable daughter, Emily.

Jessica and I had a lovely conversation about the following:

  • What does “balance” really mean for busy humans?

  • How can yoga be practiced in a way that isn’t sweaty, intense, and Lululemon-clad?

  • What’s the point of doing yoga with babies and toddlers?

  • How can we take care of ourselves when there isn’t much “space” for it?

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your perspective on so many juicy topics! You are truly wonderful.

Check out Jessica’s class schedule, videos, and blog at jemyoganyc.com